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How To Fight Debt Collectors And Win!

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This could be a book of forms. It is not. In this inspiring and sometimes funny book, you learn to think for yourself. You learn how to deal with collection agencies and the people who work for them.

If you found this book by searching for debt collector, you know that there are many books on how to collect a debt, there are a few books of forms written by lawyers, and there are some confessions.

The good news is you don’t have to talk on the phone unless you need an address. You can immediately stop harassing calls. So, if Pusillanimous Prevaricating Perfidy calls you, you don’t have to answer. If you need to call them, you’ll know exactly what to say.

Yes, you will have to write them a letter and there are some sample letters included. However, you can adapt the letters to fit your situation.
The book does discuss some of the unethical sneaky methods collection agencies use. You probably already know that they will lie, cheat, and sometimes steal. This is your chance to fight back.

If you were going to fight somebody, would you want to know how to strike all the proper poses or would you like to know how to smack someone up alongside the head?

It is time to smack some jerks!

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