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The Dairy Doctor (medical fetish doctor lactation sex)

Length: 30 pages25 minutes


Mary Parker's huge breasts are giving her back aches, so she consults mammary gland specialist Dr. Williams. But when he gives her an ointment, her breasts begin growing and lactating out of control, constantly leaking and squirting streams of sweet, creamy delicious milk!

Mary also finds herself incredibly aroused, and both Dr. Williams and his assistant, Nurse Joan, are ready to take advantage -- all in the name of medical science, of course. Even better, Nurse Joan is packing a pair of luscious lactating breasts herself!

This 7000 word erotic story features lactation sex and medical fetish sex between a doctor, nurse and patient. It depicts explicit scenes of uncontrollable lactation from a woman's milk-swollen breasts, a pair of sensitive lactating teats being squeezed and suckled by an eager and demanding horny doctor and nurse, all climaxing in a sizzling M/F/F threesome in which a helpless lactating woman gets taken and used on an examination table by her doctor and nurse!


"They hurt, Dr. Williams," I confessed, my eyes going from looking down at my cleavage, to looking up into his face, now just a foot or so away from me. "And I have a back ache almost every day. I think they're just too big."

He nodded, his head cocked to one side. His eyes were fixed on my breasts. I let go of them, feeling silly with my hands still holding them up like that. As they bounced in my bra, he moved around me. He started off on my left, but wheeled his stool straight in front of me, his eyes never leaving my breasts. Next he was looking from the right hand side.

"Stand up please, Mary," he requested, standing up himself.

As I did so, he placed a warm, firm hand on my shoulder. As he moved it down the center of my back, I shivered, wondering what those hands would feel like over the rest of my body. Then he was back in front of me again, his hands where my own had been just a few seconds ago. He cupped a breast in each hand, looking up and to the side as he did so, like he was calculating their weight using some special formula.

"Mary, we have some bad news and some very good news," he said, his hands now off my breasts, making a note on his chart.

"Oh?" I said, wondering if he would touch my breasts again—hoping he would.

"The bad news first: you're right, the pain in your back is due to your breasts."

I nodded slowly, my fingers worrying at a loose thread on my skirt. "Okay, and the good news?"

"I can make it all better."

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