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The Sword Of Krillia

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The nomadic race of Ribillions, numbering in their hundreds of thousands, were dying slowly - it was very clear. For years the Ribillions had been no more than an irritating and occasional raiding force sandwiched between Krillia and the seas of the vast Vaisalan coastline. They had battled constantly, webs of alliances shifting as a result of a divided society as they roamed the vast plains of the dry lands struggling to survive their harsh existence. Farid-Saal was the elected High Chief and he dreamed of uniting his people into one tribe, one nation and had spent many years visiting the council fires and trying to rally support for a war which was coming like no other and this war would symbolize courage and hope for his people and end a bitterness that has lasted decades.

A child who is hunted in the desolate mountains of the Drylands for his Royal blood would be the catalyst for the war. But the King’s nephew is not alone. He travels with his mixed-blood friend, Rune and five other children. They are hunted like wild beasts through the mountains, driven to the summit where they await their fate. The entire Krillian army are marching to the aid of the children but in doing so a former ally, now foe seizes his opportunity to quench his thirst for power.

Their only hope, two fathers. One a grizzled sword master, full of anger and hatred for the Ribillions and the other a man a former warrior persecuted by his past and haunted by responsibility. But he is no ordinary man, for he is Balik, the Sword of Krillia.

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