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Thousands of women go missing every year in the U.S. The majority of them are dismissed as drug addicts, mentally impaired, run aways, or vagrants. The police say it is every person's right to disappear, and if there is no evidence to suggest that something bad has happened, then there is little or no investigation. Yet they do recognize that there is a problem. You no longer have to wait for up to 72 hours to report someone missing, now you can do so the same day.
Alec preys on the beautiful, young professionals who are new to San Francisco. He easily attracts them with his looks and obvious wealth, but he takes his time to ensure that they believe he is genuinely interested in them, long term. By the time he invites them to the family farm across the Bay, they are ready to consummate their relationship, not realizing that it will be their very last time to make love.
Despite having dreamt for years of taking life away from his women, Alec finds that he doesn't have the stomach for it. His brother George, who runs the farm, has no such qualms. Unknown to Alec, George was a former rapist, and he wants his own time with the gorgeous women before he disposes of them.
As both brothers are very intelligent and extremely wealthy, it's a race against time for the Missing Person's Detective to find some evidence against them before the brothers disappear.

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