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Warming the Rose

Length: 87 pages1 hour


The action begins in the rose garden, where the old gardener forgets to cover one of the roses for winter. Unexpected frost created drama among the roses. One of them Anastasia, gets frozen, which as a consequence, threatens that she might be cut down and burnt by the gardener.
To prevent the tragedy, the main character Amadeus, decides to seek medicine from a mysterious warming tree. Amadeus had never before left the garden. Now full of zeal he attempts to reach the unreachable.
The route leads through a wild meadow, where he meets a resolute and courageous little daisy named Lucy. Enthusiastically, she offers help in the journey.
In the same meadow, Amadeus meets another flower, Narcissus, who is a bit self-centred but timid of the outside world. He decides to join Amadeus in the dangerous journey and gradually overcomes his weaknesses.
During the trek there soon appear two opposite characters... unscrupulous and insidious Weed and Nettle who are a huge obstacle in Amadeus’s mission. Weed and Nettle work for huckster Thistle who tries to sell Amadeus for profit to Professor Poppy.
Professor is a crank, making suspicious experiments in his laboratory. Amadeus being twice trapped, cleverly managed free himself from the clutches of the danger. His determination to accomplish his plan keeps him motivated.
Meanwhile his friends Lucy and Narcissus are imprisoned by the Thistle in his horrible house with the sentence to be planted there forever. Amadeus manages to get back and frees them.
Together they have to flee, being hunted by Weed and Nettle. After reaching the wild forest, their new obstacle is Amadeus’s sudden indisposition.
Narcissus, having a flow of new self-confidence, musters up to organise help for Amadeus and gets the medicine from the warming tree, despite the ants.
Happily, they arrive at the garden. Amadeus applies the medicine to Anastasia. The tension increases when no one can see any immediate improvement. The gardener approaches Anastasia with the clippers ready to cut frozen rose.
However, he only smells her fragrance and admires her silky look. Suddenly in the last moment Anastasia gets well.
The End

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