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The Lily Bundle

Length: 88 pages1 hour


The Lily Bundle includes the first three books of the Lily series all in one place.
The series is a peek into the life of Lily. She's a buttoned up woman who has always kept her sexuality in check. Until now. Something has come loose in Lily. Maybe it's boredom, maybe it's rebellion, maybe the monster has finally gotten tired of hiding, no one can say for sure. But, Lily has definitely cut loose. The first volume sees her indulging her libido with a stranger in a movie theater while strangers look on.
The second book picks up right where the first one leaves off. Lily is not done having fun at the movies and she goes to town on herself while yet another stranger gets to watch. Once she gets home, Lily thinks she got it out of her system but a very erotic encounter with a female coworker in the office bathroom the next day proves her very very wrong.
Finally, the third volume picks up a week later. Lily has been good for seven days and she's pretty sure that she got her weird sexual fire out of her system once and for all. Fortunately for us she definitely hasn't. The events from the previous week come back to haunt her when she gets called into the big boss' office. He wasn't to talk about a very graphic conversation Lily had with a coworker. Lily hears him out before she both confirms everything that he had been told and adds a whole new experience on top. Needless to say, she manages to get out of the office without getting into trouble. But, she's more worried than ever that her sexual awakening may not be a passing phase but more a part of who she is now.
Enjoy the series as one solid read through and keep an eye out for new volumes as Lily makes them available with her naughty, naughty behavior!
Approx 25,000 words

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