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Stop The Rain

Length: 230 pages3 hours


This book is dedicated to helping to create a better world through the application of imagination and hope through reason, while acknowledging that there is good or evil in our deeds and thoughts but as importantly, there are intended and unintended consequences that can stem from both that can change good or evil into the other.

The events of WWII are horrifying lessons that we must always remember as to our potential for depravity of our human spirit and our overly exuberant and selfish creativity when it comes to finding ways to destroy things and people’s lives. This book should in no way be taken to excuse the hateful monsters of that time who committed crimes against us all, but the backdrop of that period is simply to show an alternate history to the much less than perfect one that we currently experience. We can and should continuously challenge our creativity to our highest and best potential both individually and collectively.

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