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Awakening from the Shadows (The Mirynthir Chronicles, Book 1)

Length: 566 pages8 hours


Ten years ago, Zaron had everything taken from him—his parents, his village, and even his memory of how it all happened. But now the dark shroud veiling the past has begun to lift, and visions—perhaps even memories—of his home are troubling his dreams.

As he delves for answers from his shattered past, Zaron and his adopted home confront new evils—evils long thought dead—that are awakening like an ancient plague. Zaron spies a dragon coursing through the mountain skies, a beast thought extinct for a hundred years. And magic, thought to have been banished from the world a century ago, has somehow returned, bringing with it death and ruin.

As the past and present collide, dark forces once again seek to destroy him and those he loves. But this time Zaron vows it will be different. It has to be different. Ten years ago, he failed to protect his family. But this time he will succeed, or he will die trying.

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