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Secrets Of Contest Winners Revealed: An Ebook On How To Maximize Your Chances Of Winning Competitions

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This book is the definitive guide to winning competitions and contests. With tips ranging from devising a winning strategy to writing spiffy slogans, it offers practical advice on how to win those free holidays, air tickets, hampers, cash and other goodies promised to contest winners. The author's common sense approach demonstrates that entering contests can be a hobby that pays in more ways than one, offering varied opportunities for families to bond and friends to socialize.


Dear Lydia,

I just want to thank you and because of your book I’ve won many prizes ever since. Even though they are just small but I think it’s worth it. So far I have won CD’s, ticket to Ronan Keating’s Concert etc but the most recently I’ve won the ASTRO Mother’s Day Contest which gave me prizes worth RM2000 plus (third place). I guess that’s the biggest so far.

My husband even told me to write to you to thank you “for sharing the pie” hahahaaa... you know why, because every time I received the prizes he is the happiest person on earth.



If you read newspaper on Monday 28 April, you will find out winners of MSAM-Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia. The grand prize winner was En Hashim Bidin. He is my father. I am one of the die-hard compers but I won nothing for many years. If you still rememeber me, Mohd Jusni Hashim, you will realize that I am one of the purchasers of your book, who bought directly from you. I concentrate reading the book for the whole week and it really helped me. It also help me to contribute my ideas to my family on writing the slogan and finally it helped me to boost my father’s name as the grand prize winner.


Dear Lydia,

I read your article about winning competitions in the Star some time back. It featured your book “Congratulations You Have Won” which I got my husband to hunt down and buy. He said he couldn’t locate it. As it turns out to be, he had in fact found it and was keeping as a Christmas present for me. Needless to say, it is indeed one of the BEST Christmas present I’ve ever had.

Once I read it, I was so relieved to discover that what I was doing (entering competitions at that time) was a pastime that many fervently indulged in. It introduced me to the words comping and compers. It motivated me to know that what I was doing in fact could contribute to the income of my family. Never in my wildest dream did I expect so many delightful surprises to come through my mailbag. Needless to say I was inspired to go full steam into comping since that day.

Thanks to you I have won countless contests since then. Amongst them are three grand prizes. All these wouldn’t be made possible if I stuck to my nine to five job waiting for my measly salary. My family wouldn’t be able to enjoy such luxurious treats every now and then. Life would simply be a sheer struggle.... also boring,monotonous and meaningless.

You said in your parting note that “if you have never won anything at all, to secure at least a consolation prize in any contest”. Well in my case, you have certainly helped me get more than that! For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Bye for now and hope to hear from you soon!
In another email, Miranda wrote...

“Without the insight on those big time winners principles and yours in winning

competitions, I simply wouldn’t be where I am today.

Lydia I attribute my success to you! Your book is always near, where

I can reach out at any time and any hour and be touched by all its words.

And so I put to practice what I had learnt from your book and won the following grand prizes....

(a) RM25,000 cash

(b) A trp for 2 to Europe

(c) A cruise onboard the Superstar Virgo to Phuket

(d) A life size E.T.replica doll

(e) A return airticket to London


(This ebook was formerly titled Congratulations! You have won)

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