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Seasons of the Heart: Winter

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Betty woke up and turned to the empty side of the bed she had shared with Percy for the last twenty-seven years of marriage. There was still an indent in the mattress where he should have been laying alongside her, but it was cold and empty. She reached for his pillow and snuggled into it, breathing in his smell, she couldn’t bear to wash the pillowslip as yet.
It had always been her fear, her nightmare that Percy would die in bed beside her, but instead he died three days after his seventieth birthday - in his beloved potting shed, his other home - his allotment. A quick final blast from his heart, bang! Over and out - Percy was no more.
Winter takes us to a place that all couples fear - being the one left alive and alone, when their partner passes away. It is a sad but enlightening story which shows that true love never dies.

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