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From Love To Lust

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Relationships may begin with a simple conversation or by simply being attractive to someone’s appearance or personality. It may be as simple as an accent, a smile, a laugh, a figure or the way a person presents themselves to others. Rather physical, emotional or intellectual we will eventually develop a stronger attraction to each other. In the development stage we have a desire to spend time with those we are attractive to and to learn more about them. Eventually we become so intrigued by them that we develop a lust for them. Over time as we know more about them our lust and attraction develops into love and adoration. As love and adoration grows we often loose the lust and prurience resulting in the relationship eroding to complacent comfort and routine.
Most of us will find contentment and resolve in our relationships becoming mundane and mechanical often to the point of being monotonous. We settle in to the routine not wanting to put forth the effort and energy to regain excitement and passion then actually convince ourselves that we are happy with our monotonous lives.
But what if a routine activity of our lives results in an awakening of our desires for the passion and excitement we’ve been so long without? A simple incident that reminds us of the lust we had for our partners at the beginning of our relationship. Could it be that by briefly suspending our love for each other and allowing lust to come to the forefront of our relationship that we strengthen our love for each other? Such is the case for Mike and Amanda when they move into a new house and develop a close friendship with neighbors Tom and Kasey. The young couples rediscover the lust of their earlier relationships allowing their love and desire for each other to grow stronger.

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