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Friendly Fire: A Novel of Erotic Intrigue

Length: 288 pages4 hours


Growing up as the only child of a fundamentalist mega-church preacher means tall blonde beautiful Alison learns early that the rod will not be spared if she doesn't live up to her parents' strict standards. This leads to later complications when she becomes a feminist lawyer who only dates enlightened men, but who finds them erotically uncompelling. In desperation, she goes online and makes a connection to a massive contractor who learned about BDSM when in the Special Forces in Iraq. His politics infuriate her liberal sensibilities, but her body swoons over his masculine charisma. And once he finds out she longs to have her shapely bottom bared and spanked, she is introduced to a sizzling world of painful pleasures that soon has her totally enthralled.

They develop a marriage that both adore, and whose centerpiece is their mutual fascination with the extremes of pleasure she can only achieve through the pathway of very challenging attention to her bottom and various other erogenous zones. This all goes wonderfully, when one night they overhear the attractive new couple next door apparently engaging in a very erotic spanking. This leads to a rather arousing discussion between the two wives, ending in a bit of lesbian hanky panky. When the husbands discover this, the only appropriate response seems to be the severe chastisement of a pair of wifely bottoms in front of both couples. Many complex erotic adventures ensue.

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