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The Center of the Universe

Length: 246 pages8 hours


This is a very unusual book. It is about most important and fundamental things in life, presented in a deep, yet clear fashion.

It is an ultimate adventure in the subjects of love, genius, freedom, happiness, and spirituality. You will have the most powerful weapon demonstrated to you. You will be given some lessons in magic. You will be introduced to the Truth and will be sensitized to its distortions. You will be presented history lessons on the dawn of humankind, its very first days. The life cycle of a human being, from childhood to old age, will be explained. You will even find the reason why communism has been so attractive to the best of us, and if there is any truth to it. You will understand what made ancients bring animal sacrifices. You will be taught basics of idolatry. You will be introduced to the essence of meditation and prayer. You will finally understand the objective reality. And, last but not least, the purpose of life will be revealed to you.

This book consists of essays, and each essay has its main subject based on actual discussion that took place.

Unknown Judaism - the world through the Jewish eyes...

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