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A Pawn of the Gods Aradia Series Book One

Length: 451 pages7 hours


Fauna's life was all planned out, or so she thought. She was to marry Draken, a tall handsome man that all the women in the village drooled over. If only she felt the same way. He was more like a brother to her, and as the time drew closer for them to exchange their vows, she became restless and began to feel the urge to explore her world of Aradia to find something to fill her lonely heart. Another man wasn't an option. Draken had taken a legal contract on her and her father eagerly agreed. She was to be his wife no matter what she wanted.

Then one night, a man entered her dreams, a man she was compelled to reach out to and touch. Night after night she saw his face, and she soon realized who he was. He was her soul mate, the one person who was most like her, and most importantly, was forbidden to be with. He lived in another world, Earth, and the only way for her to be with the man who beckoned her to come to him was to cross the veil between the worlds and risk her eternal soul to do so.

Richard was haunted every night by the blonde that called to him in his dreams. She needed him, and he knew he needed her, too. Her need was pure at first, but then, things changed and he found that she stirred a desire deep in his soul that caused an overwhelming urge to protect her from a man that claimed her as his. She was meant for him and Richard wasn't about to let the most exquisite woman he had ever seen be taken away from him. She was only a dream, but a dream he knew was to be a reality. Richard prepared for the arrival of the woman he had fallen in love with and he told her that if she didn't come to him, he was going to come to her.

Little did they know that what they thought was a desire to find each other was just the gods creating circumstances to force them together so the Olympians could get what they wanted, an oracle to save mankind from their own destruction. Despite this, the two souls found a love that would last for an eternity.

Warning: Explicit sexual content

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