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Bengal Cats and Kittens

Length: 142 pages50 minutes


Everything you wanted to know about bengal cats and kittens. Guaranteed to answer all your questions, this book is a must for anyone passionate about Bengals. Personality, temperament, breeding, training, health and disease risks, and costs - it's all here.

"Bengal Cat and Kittens" will introduce you to the cat that is like no other breed in terms of their dog-like habits. If you are looking for a loyal companion that fetches, walks on a leash, often has a strong fondness for water, and is as beautiful as the Asian Leopard Cat it descended from originally, then this might be the ideal cat for you!

This book also includes information on how the
Bengal cat compares to other similar exotic breeds of cats that have "wild" cat ancestors from a few
generations back, as well as TICA information, and
legal considerations specifically for USA, Canada and the UK.

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