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After reading this book you will be equipped with all the knowledge you need to care for your Ceratophrys horned frog. They are most commonly known as "Pac Man frogs" or "pacman frogs," and they will eat pretty much
anything that will fit in their mouth.

This book will provide you with valuable information and tips regarding Pac Man frog care, feeding, habitat, health, breeding, food, diet, lifespan, pacman frogs care sheet, setup, and disease fact and more.

It's all written in a clear and easy to understand manner. Guaranteed to answer your every question, this book is a must-buy for new and experienced frog owners alike.

FOOTNOTE: No relation or affiliation to the Pac-Man video game character by Namco B ndai Games Inc., after which it was named by the general population--except that it has a similar wide mouth and it's a voracious eater of things in its path.

Published: Taylor David on
ISBN: 9781927870327
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