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Dirty Shirt Blues

Length: 194 pages3 hours


It is 1874 and during the bloody Indian war that rages through southern Texas, Lieutenant Carson McCullough leads a unique band of Indian fighters out of Fort Clark. The Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts are the ablest mixed-race band of trackers in the US army. Just men in dirty shirt blue, disrespected and undervalued but they are still the best damned scouts the army has ever seen.
Things start to go disastrously wrong for Carson when the army’s toughest raid ever against a combined force of Lipan, Mescalero and Kickapoo Indians finds him set against his own kind.
Forced to make his own way, Carson and his equally censured loyal scouts accompany him on a journey that leads him into the company of the erotically sensual ranch owner, Betty Brazil. Seduced into undertaking a rescue mission on her behalf, Carson and his companions must arm themselves for battle once more.
Across the border, Boyd Drummer and his gang of killers are waiting but along the way Carson must face rampaging Kiowa’s and a powerful Mexican warlord, let alone avoid the patrolling US cavalry. With a parcel of gold in tow, the odds pile up against Carson and his men and they will need all their tracking skills to complete a dangerous mission full of deceit and double-dealing.

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