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Hiragami's Box

Length: 80 pages1 hour


When Evan Underhill receives a mysterious music box in his flower arranging class, he has no idea what he has been charged with carrying out. Join Evan and Taylor on their various misadventures through the southern parts of Taiwan.

Evan left college in the United States to seek out adventure and work as an English as a second language teacher in the east. After teaching for a year in Japan he decides it is time to return to his home. However, a strange turn of events has led him to partaking in an Ikibana class where he is asked by the instructors father to carry a music box with a letter to its original owner in the southern city of Hengchun, Taiwan.

Evan meets his friend Taylor for one last adventure through the mountains, the sky and the sea. Taylor and Evan make their way south from Kaohsiung, and get into odd situations along the way. Evan has no idea what he is carrying back with him, nor the ramifications of his task. The box has a dark history, and Evan will find out its story upon delivering the box.

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