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Cainer: A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case

Length: 137 pages2 hours


Who Is Cainer?

Hanover Cainer. He's the Grim Reaper on Xanax. Slow but deadly.

He's a ghost. Trained to disappear without a trace at will.

He's an ex-Marine and Special Operations weapons and explosives expert.

Why Is He Back in Washington DC?

Now he's working with the FBI as a profiler who out-profiles their own top profilers.

Han's arrival at the FBI's Washington DC Headquarters signals a seismic shift between FBI Special Agent Nick Benson and NYPD's Finkel Macaulay.

Han's arrival marks the start of a battle for dominance as past allegiances fall by the wayside in the fight to the finish.

An old enemy resurfaces and the team pull their resources to vanquish it.

The United States of America's national security depends on it.

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