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Web Junction an allegory

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Online marketing can be a maze to travel through and typical books on the subject are boring at best. Enter Web Junction! A Western allegory that covers the various struggles that online marketers go through. However, it is veiled in the story of the West.

Watch as the school marm, Miss Savannah, shows the townsfolk how to solve their problems. Look to see which in our cast of characters fits where you are in your online marketing:

Are you the new cowpoke on the range with horse sores on your back side from learning things the hard way? Newbie? Go see our cowpoke the greenhorn Chester and see what he does.

Are you the cowboy that is leading the herd of cattle, making headway above the rest or leading the wagon train, considering yourself a guru or an expert on the internet ranch? Designing your own products and making money hand over fist as you go? Read about Chet here and see what he does next.

Are you the cook, concocting the chili, adding this product, to that membership site, to that affiliate downline, to that... ending up with all the ingredients of a modern day chili? Go read Charlie's story.

Are you the western town sheriff, watching the black hat and the white hat strategies and not knowing what to do next? Read about Sheriff Gunn here.

Are you the outlaw that the sheriff is watching for, leaving sore cowpokes and crying widows in your wake as you ride off into the sunset with your saddlebag full of the money from the bank? Read what happens to Black Bart here.

Or maybe you are the school marm, reading everything that comes into your school to learn as you go, which is sooooooooooo sllllllllloooooooooowwwwwwwwwww. Do you download every ebook that comes along and spend all your time reading them until your eyes are red? Then you want to go to the School Marm Miss Savannah and see what she does.

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