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Aquariums for Sharks: Pet Sharks and Shark Fish Care; The Complete Owner's Guide

Length: 112 pages1 hour


Everything you need to know about keeping sharks and shark fish in your home aquarium.

This book is guaranteed to answer all your questions and more, a must-have guide for anyone passionate about sharks and shark fish in freshwater and marine aquariums.

Includes shark care, pet shark species, shark fish, aquarium tank maintenance, equipment, water chemistry, feeding and diet, health, lifespan, shark profiles and breeding.

In a straight forward, no nonsense fashion, Alex Halton covers all aspects of keeping sharks and shark fish in your home aquarium. The book is full of sound advice to answer all your questions.

This guide makes a very complex subject so much easier to understand. Informative and practical; it includes essential information on keeping these fascinating creatures healthy and happy in your aquarium. – Zoe O’Connor

Wow! I’ve had shark fish for many years; this inspired me to move on and purchase a true marine shark. I’ve already started preparing my tank and looking forward to the journey. – Sue Clarke – Aquarium Owner

Alex provides great tips and realistic facts so you can make an informed decision about whether it really makes sense for you to have sharks or shark fish in your aquarium. By highlighting the potential problems, you aren’t blinded by these magical creatures in making a decision you may later regret. – David Rogerson

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