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Reverse Breeding Erotica

Length: 98 pages1 hour


These three naughty tales of dirty sex feature women who attempt to turn the tables on poor unsuspecting men for their own devious purposes. Hold on to your hat and hide your turkey basters! Over 26,000 words of kinky sex and unscrupulous women. Includes the stories: Celebrity Escort Sex, Reluctant Gangbang Girl, and Erotic Secrets of Hidden Atlantis. Not for the easily offended.

Celebrity Escort Sex: Brittany gets ready to take the stage on her first night as a stripper in The Sin Room when a well known Hollywood celebrity request the, "services" of her, and her childhood friend Ginger back at his hotel room, what happens next is the kind of kinky group sex that not even tabloids can write about!
Reluctant Gangbang Girl: When Vanessa's fiancé Billy is accused of a heinous crime, how far will she go to secure his freedom? And did she love him enough to make a deal with Dillon; her creepy stalker neighbor from across the street, who claims he holds the only chance for her fiancé to duck a lengthy prison term. This devious tale of dubious consent follows the further sexual misadventures of the, "Amazing Dillon" from the story, "Hypnotized & Used For Sex."
Erotic Secrets of Hidden Atlantis: While crossing the Bermuda Triangle delivery boat captain Marcus Miller stumbles into grave danger in the form of a hidden utopia with an erotic secret. A secret that the inhabitants will protect at any cost!

Features: Gangbangs, virgin deflorations, spanking, squirting, sex toys, bondage, lesbian lust, sex with strangers, tribbing, face sitting, hair pulling, dubious consent, rough sex, voyeurism, masturbation, creampies, dominant women, public sex, a willing sex doll, and oral and anal delights!
Mature audiences only

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