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The Star Mark

Length: 353 pages5 hours


Tom Bradon had come a long way from his early years in an orphanage run by a fanatical religious order. He had often been accused of and punished for using magic and consorting with evil spirits throughout his stay there. Now, as an adult, he was an archeologist, a college professor, and the leader of an expedition to determine if a recently discovered planet was civilization's fabled home planet - Earth.

Strangely, he felt perfectly at home on this new planet. That feeling of rightness had enveloped him from the moment he set foot on its lush green fields and ran his fingers through the clear running brooks. Little did he realize, he was home and he was not who he thought he was. Those first five missing years of his life and that little scar between his eyes will become the key to his true identity, his true purpose and his future.

Starting with the five pointed star that appeared on his forehead since arriving on the planet, he will have to confront the dissolution of everything he thought he knew about his world and everything he believed about himself. He will have to leave behind his disastrous childhood and develop quickly into the wizard he was destined to be in order to save himself, TanLa, the beautiful former prisoner who foresees their joined destinies, and the very Earth itself from Kan-No, the non-corporeal evil presence that brought Earth's civilization down four thousand years ago and still reigns supreme.

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