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1,000 Words for Business English Learners

Length: 281 pages4 hours


Be Proficient in English and Get Ahead in Your Workplace

Do you grapple for the right English words and struggle to converse in English at your workplace? Do you fail to actively participate in discussions and decision-making processes because they are done in English? Are you terrified to negotiate in English, a language that is not your mother tongue?

Here's a book that can really help.

1,000 Words for Business English Learners helps you succeed in your profession by teaching you how to clearly, concisely and confidently put your messages across in the English language. It expands your vocabulary, so you would know what to correctly say during business meetings or write in your emails.

1,000 Words for Business English Learners teaches you words that you can use to express ideas, make suggestions and present business proposals. The more words you know from this book, the more quickly and powerfully you can communicate with your colleagues, clients and suppliers.

- Ideal for intermediate, advanced and master learners of the English language
- Contains 450 English expressions about advertising, banking, companies, contracts, insurance, marketing, meetings, politics, presentations and more
- Contains 450 English idioms about businesses, employment, law, medicine, money, negotiations, numbers, success, failure and more
- Contains 100 English sayings that are often used in business settings
- Includes difficult and confusing business words
- Includes simplified definitions of words
- Includes well-constructed sample sentences
- Has plenty of tests with answers
- Has suggested individual and group activities for learning as well as tips for writing documents, resumes, cover letters and apology letters in business English

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