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Journey to Prosperity and Abundance

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"It's not about what you have, what matters most is what you do with what you have". Journey to Abundance and Prosperity is a book about Personal Finance and Investment. It talks about the financial planning process and provide insights and financial strategy to ordinary individual on how they can maximized their income and resources to build wealth through investment.

"Prosperity begins in mind" and Journey to Abundance and Prosperity starts the first chapter of its book talking about the usual norms and mindsets to many individuals regarding on they can only achieve prosperity through false hopes given by those lottery and game shows that chances of winning are very slim.

The book introduces Personal Finance on how every individual can create wealth and abundance in a slowly but surely way. It details the process beginning with goal setting, savings then investment.

The book offers two investment option to individual and details the pros and cons of each investment and provide a strategy on how to choose profitable stocks.

The data and sample such as returns, currencies and taxes that the author uses in the book came from Philippines but nevertheless, these sample can be applied all over the world.

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