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When Only a Sexy, Mature Woman Will Do (2): Two Hot Tales of Lesbian Love, ‘Sweet-talking her Professor’ and ‘The Deep End’

Length: 59 pages53 minutes


Two very naughty and exciting stories for the price of one!

'Sweet-taking her Professor': When college student Tessa emails her gorgeous fair-haired green-eyed professor to ask for a reference, she finds her teacher (31) is online and on fire! Soon they are on facebook and daring each other to go further. As the tension builds, professor Clark asks Tessa to come to her house. But she'll have to be quiet - Prof Clark's husband is sleeping upstairs!

'The Deep End': Feeling lonely with her husband away on business, Keiko, 34, enjoys a relaxing private swimming lesson. But when she's being held afloat in the water by a classically-beautiful half-Greek girl, is there something inside her that is melting and taking her in a new direction? It proves to be the beginning of a tantalising and super-erotic mutual seduction as Narella, 22, visits Keiko at her opulent home, an encounter that takes both women to heights of passion and pleasure they had never imagined possible...

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