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Eva Evolved (The Millionaire and The Mechanic Collection #1 - Parts 1-4)

Length: 121 pages1 hour


The first four parts of the Millionaire and the Mechanic collected! Save yourself some time and money by getting all four at once!

Eva Evolved includes: The Millionaire and The Mechanic in which our horny heroine has sex with two men within minutes of each other. One of them treats her like a whore, though, leading to: The Millionaire Cuckold. Eva and her mechanic team up to humiliate the millionaire Bradley Whitman by tying him up and forcing him to watch them get down and dirty. When Bradley's wife walks in, though, things get even more crazy as she takes on Anthony to pay Bradley back for cheating on her. Bradley can do nothing but watch Anthony change his wife's oil.

In Part 3: The Garage Gangbang, Eva can't wait to get Anthony alone, so she just takes him in his repair shop. Of course, they aren't alone and several other mechanics join in to give her the time of her life. Eva might wonder what happened to make her so suddenly sexually free, but really, she just wants to enjoy every minute of it.

That sense of freedom changes, though, when she has to give a business presentation to Bradley as part of her job. Landing his account would mean a big boost for her career, but is he really considering using her firm, or does he just want to make her squirm as payback for what she did to him?


This title contains explicit erotic situations and graphic language including handcuffs, a foursome, light anal play, and a woman who can't get enough, and is intended for adults only.

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