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How to Lose Weight Jumping Rope Like a Boxer & ToneUp, Get Fit and Feel Great!

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Boxers Jump Rope for good reason. The physical and mental benefits are enormous. In fact, no other exercise is as versatile in the benefits it can produce.
Jumping Rope like a Boxer is totally different from the type of Rope Jumping you’ll see a child in the playground undertake. This type of Jumping Rope will not yield the benefits that ‘Jumping Rope like a Boxer’ will. Boxers Jump in specific ways to achieve their fitness and skill set requirements.
This book will reveal to you the Secrets that keep Boxers so fit and lean all year round.
In ‘Jumping Rope like a Boxer’ you’ll also discover how to;
•Burn Fat fast (in less than ten minutes a day!)
•Tone and Build Muscle
•Build Mental and Physical Endurance
•Target specific areas of your body for Development
•Improve Mental Stamina
•Enhance Co-ordination
•Build exercise Intensity
•Discover Explosive Power
•Dramatically increase your Fitness
•Strengthen your Core Muscles (and rid yourself of belly fat)
•Release ‘happy’ hormones to Feel Great!

If you want more energy, lower body fat, toned muscles and a fitter, healthier body then Jumping Rope like a Boxer is the quickest, most efficient, convenient way to lose weight in less than Ten Minutes a day whilst having fun!

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