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CEFF: Formula for Digital Capture

Length: 123 pages39 minutes


Mr. Sanders, aka ronieaz (ronnie A Z ), for years kept getting great compliments for his pictures from all sorts of people – co-workers, students, relatives, teachers, strangers. They told him he must have a really good camera. They told him he has “the eye”. They told him he could sell postcards.
C.E.F.F. - Formula for Digital Capture, is just that, a formula. Mr. Sanders pondered long and hard to boil down what he was doing naturally, so he could express it in the E=mc2 of digital photography.
In his first book, he decided to visit one of his alma maters, Arizona State University, where he walked around like he usually does on his many excursions. He captured 10 images, then reverse engineered each one, using the CEFF formula.
You’ll enjoy his pragmatic way of capturing these images on the ASU campus in Tempe, Az.: Copper Arches, Brick Chair, Window Wall, Tireless Horse, Sky Hole, Tree Lab, Reflected Palm, Leaning Tau, Concrete Fence, and Dripping Stone. You’ll say to yourself, “I can’t believe it’s this easy to get exceptional pictures.”
Step out of your snap&shoot, point&click mode today.
Read C.E.F.F. – Formula for Digital Capture, so you can start capturing those great images and capture those great compliments!

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