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Taxing Question Simple Answer

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Taxing Question , Simple Answer -Volume -1 is devoted to chartered accountants , lawyers , tax officers and tax practitioners to provide answers to most complex questions and difficult to find answers.

The selected 25 tax questions are not easy to find answers and nothing is clear in the Income Tax Act . Supreme Court , High Courts have come to the rescue of everyone to provide answers.Following topics are dealt in the book:
Section 6: Should Visit Days be Excluded For Determination of Residential Status if NRI Permanently Settles in India?
Section 10(17):Are All Awards Given By Central Government Exempt From Income Tax?
Section 11:Are All Charitable Trusts Prohibited from Carrying Business Activity?
Section 15:Is Salary of NRI From Employers Abroad But Received in India in NRE A/c taxable?
Section 15 :When Is Provident Fund Savings Taxable?
Section 22: Under Which Head The Rental Income From Leasehold Property Taxed?
Section 32: Can You Claim Depreciation Without Being Owner of Asset?
Section 45: Whether Unutilized Amount In Capital Gains Account Scheme Received By Legal Heir Taxable?
Section 45: Which Date-Booking or Possession or Registration -Is Important For Capital Gains Tax?
Section 50: Can Exemption 54EC or 54F be claimed on Sale of Depreciable Asset?
Section 54: Can One Get Exemption U/s 54F Even If Builder Does Not Complete House Within Three Years?
Section 54: Is exemption of capital gains u/s 54 allowed even when new residential property is purchased in foreign country!
Section 56 : Can a Private Limited Company Become Public Substantially Interested Company Without any IPO?
Section 70: Can Short Term Capital Loss On Shares Taxable U/s 111A Be Adjusted With Short Term Loss On Land?
Section 80: Can You Claim Carry Forward of Loss Despite Late Filing of Return?
Section 127:Can A.O Transfer a Case to Another A.O Without any Transfer Order by CIT ?
Section 139(5): Can Revised Return u/s. 139(5) be Filed Even During Scrutiny Proceedings?
Section 154: Can A.O Pass Rectification Order u/s 154 Even After Time Limit?
Section 148: When is Notice u/s 148 Considered Issued-at the Time of Signing by A.O or Entering in Issue Register by Clerk or Handing Over Notice to Postal Agent?
Section 153A: Is issue of notice u./s 143(2) mandatory in case of assessment u/s 153A?
Section 161:Can Private Trust Still Be Used For Tax Planning?
Section 171: Is Order by an A.O Compulsory For Partition of HUF?
Section 194A : Whether Hire Purchase EMI Payments liable to TDS u/s 194A?
Section 263: Limitation Date for Invoking Sec. 263 is Counted from Assessment Order Date or Reassessment Order Date?
Section 273A: Can Higher Authority Drop Penalty Proceeding Pending Before the A.O?

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