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The Storm

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In 1983 the storm of the century inundated the desert state of Arizona. This mystery/suspense novel,The Storm, is set during the few days of what was an actual historical storm. In The Storm a grab bag of disparate groups of people--pot hunters, hikers, illegal immigrants, smugglers and would be hijackers--are stranded in the Huachuca Mountains of southeastern Arizona by flooding washes and creeks. They are trapped in the mountains until the storm waters recede. In an ordinary situation the stranded folk would just wait out the storm until the waters subsided. This was no ordinary situation. In the shadows, watching, lurked an insane man consumed with a lethal blood lust. The man's descent into insanity took him on an internal mental journey that began as a Canadian Métis and ended with him believing he was an Apache warrior akin to those who had lived in these mountains in their free ranging days. He called himself Diablo and he chose the cover of the storm to launch into a classic Apache style bloody hit and run raid at the very moment the flood waters isolated the mountains. The various stranded groups of people in the mountains would soon see everything that seemed important in their lives crumble into insignificance and distill into a single word. Survival.

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