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Hannah Lets The Handymen In

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Hannah is a pretty young student, at home with her divorced mother during the long summer break. She is left on her own one morning with instructions to let the builders in the plaster the kitchen. Nursing a hangover, she promptly forgets and goes back to sleep. Woken up by irate banging in the door, she lets the men in in her nightie and can't help but notice they are pretty hunky. They can't help but notice the scantily clad young beauty either. Going back to bed with her vibrator, she is soon joined by the older builder and then his 2 sons.


'It was a warm summer’s day and the men had stripped their shirts off to work. Pretending to be completely occupied with the kettle, Hannah shot furtive glances at them and watched sweaty muscles working as the men mixed plaster and troweled it on to the wall. They chatted away about football, sex and women in general as if Hannah wasn't even there. Most of the conversation was pretty close to the knuckle and she felt herself getting horny again.

The kettle boiled, she finished the tea and took it over, taking the opportunity to introduce herself. “I’m Dave,” said the boss. “These are my boys, Daryl and Craig.” Craig was clearly the blond one with a cheeky grin and Daryl the slightly older, swarthy youth. They took their tea and then started talking amongst themselves again as though the college girl had just disappeared. Hannah shrugged and left them to it.

As the girl slipped off upstairs again, Dave nodded at his sons. “What do you think boys?”

Craig had an opinion as always. “She’s fucking gorgeous and she knows it. I reckon she’s hot to trot, Dad! Did you see those nipples? Could have had your eye out!”

“Did you see the whole package,” said Daryl. “She’s built like a fucking super model and you’re right she’s horny. Bet you a tenner, she’s gone upstairs for a wank!”

“We’ll see,” said their Dad, knowingly.

Hannah had indeed gone up for a wank. She always got horny on a hangover and the sight of those three hunky men in her house, all talking about sex, was too much to ignore.'

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