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Flex Time (Office Toy #4)

Length: 55 pages41 minutes


FLEX TIME is a multiple-partner/gang bang erotic romance story. Contains BDSM elements. M/m/m/m/m/m/m/f (eight millionaires on one submissive heroine)

Being in a relationship with Cunningham, Jonathan and Nolan is more intense than Elle ever expected. When Elle has a chance to talk with their ex, the woman’s warning is impossible to misunderstand: Run before your world gets torn apart!

But Elle’s in too deep, and she’ll stand her ground, certain that she can face whatever the demanding Cunningham dreams up. She finds herself blindfolded on a deserted beach, eight men taking turns. Except they quickly lose patience.

These rich studs all want her, and not one of them is willing to wait.

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