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The Widowmaker

Length: 184 pages3 hours


Shiloh Trayne is a stone cold killer.
Born under a bad sign he proves it with a Zodiac scorpion tattooed on his fist.
Quick with a Colt and striking with the same stinging speed, rightly, he is known as – The Widowmaker.
They have a sweet deal going, he and his partner, Caleb. A man who saw action at Jackson, Mississippi in a Civil War battle that cost him half a life. Now he wants back a sight more than any army pension will allow.
Working out of a one-horse Texas town north of the Rio Grande they sort out personal problems with their own particular brand of final solution.
That is until Shiloh meets Molly. Then the cracks start to show.
Two brothers are lured by the prospect of a pile of cash money but Shiloh’s last marked man interferes, aiming to put Shiloh six feet under. When other bodies take a hand, Shiloh is forced on a mission with three hardened gunmen to regain a fortune in gold.
It doesn’t end there. Deceit and death follow Shiloh as he seeks to protect Molly and to achieve that; he has to do what he does best – to carve a .45 caliber killing path through the odds that are stacked against him.

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