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Deadly Contract

Length: 351 pages5 hours


This business thriller involves crime, corruption, murder, romance, and more...

Jack's business in Denver is close to ruin, but an old friend Eddie brings him an opportunity that could solve everything, ...
However it's on a Caribbean island notorious for its corporate crime and government corruption.
Before long, Jack is so committed to the venture, that he has to carry on even after Eddie's unexplained murder, and the realization that he has become entangled both with corruption overseas, and organized crime back home.
A romantic relationship grows with Carol, who works with him, and is loyal to him through all these problems. But he is vulnerable to temptation and seduction in the Caribbean, and also Carol reveals something about a past lesbian relationship,...
A despised adversary, Victor, is in the background, working against them. Jack is tough enough to handle this, but as he gets in deeper, he realizes that Victor is working with corrupt officials, and has employed a sinister associate.
Suspense builds as Victor determines to stop at nothing, to destroy Jack's business.

And Carol's life may be at risk...

If you like corporate thrillers from Joseph Finder, Stephen Frey and Michael Ridpath, you'll love 'Deadly Contract'.

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