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The Autogrill Murder

Length: 296 pages4 hours


Designed for the new Italian Language student, to introduce simple everyday phrases in an interesting context. In the story, extortion and money laundering lead to murder as a young Calabrian must choose between the old ways and risking his life to assist the police. Based on real newspaper accounts of criminal activity in Calabria. The story follows Joe Ricchio, his girlfriend Lucia and Carmen and Antonio, two young police officers assigned to the case by their new boss Gilberto Gianni, the anti-mafia police Commissario, after a small gang of extortionists make the mistake of trying extort money from a “front” business operated by the mafia and Joe’s friend Nick is killed. The engaging plot will hold your interest from beginning to end as you cheer for the good guys who just want to go about their lives but find it difficult to do so amidst the tentacles of mafia influence.

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