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Monkeys and Empire State Buildings

Length: 42 pages31 minutes


This data drop contain two short stories, 'Monkeys and Empire State Buildings' and 'Kitchener, the Machine.'

Status updating...Time and Space breached...Data leak detected...

The archives of The Numbered Entity Project have opened in this membrane of existence for the very first time. Inside the, at once both infinitesimal and infinity-spanning, data stores wait the tale of rogues, outcasts and 'others.' Those whose time was numbered but refused to 'know their place.' Those who tried, for better or worse, to change their respective worlds of swords and magic, steam and musket, or nanotechnology. The Project records all, in tribute to Time and Space.

Monkeys and Empire State Buildings: Mars had changed. Smith, a Marsmen engineered from Earth stock to build the earliest colony, pines for the good old days before Earthling tourists came and ruined it all. Then an accident threatens to tip tensions over the precipice and forces Smith to question the very notion of 'human,' and the claims of the true inheritors of Mars.

Kitchener, the Machine: The Order of Albion calls on mystical forces to make one man the embodiment of Imperial technology and power. Lord Kitchener is unleashed upon his foes, a virtual steam-punk cyborg. But, in a rapidly changing world, when the Empire totters so too does their avatar.

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