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Through the Whirlpool: Book I in the Jewel Fish Chronicles

Length: 166 pages2 hours


The Jewel Fish Chronicles. Book I

A champion must be found to save the ocean of Shah. Eerie and destructive forces are at work. Connected by a bizarre rift between dimensions, an unconventional girl and a young nomad must unite to oppose the rising threat.

As Kreh-ursh and other young aspirants of his tribe struggle to survive a life-testing initiation rite, he is wracked by guilt over a friend’s violent death. Yet soon he will be called to overcome an even greater trial that will tear him away from everyone he holds dear.

When Jade rescues her younger brother from being swept out to sea and trapped in a toxic slick, she doesn’t suspect that the disturbing voice haunting her is already dragging her toward the most terrifying adventure she will ever know.

Jade and Kreh-ursh must combine forces to save both their worlds, though rescuing those they love means braving the absolute dread of the rift.

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