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To The Brink & Back Again: A Christian’s Journey With God Through Cancer And What It Is Like To Come Out The Other Side

Length: 143 pages2 hours


After being diagnosed with stage three esophageal cancer, this Christian author began a search for answers both spiritually and physically in order to prepare for his journey that lay ahead. Although he searched diligently he found little to satisfy his questions, which became the motivation to pen the words in this book.

Within its pages is a timeline of his adventure of how he traveled the course and faced cancer not just once but twice. Moreover this book offers its readers the answers to the questions he faced as well as what he learned about the faithfulness and sovereignty of God as it pertained to his finances, his cure, his healing and his whole life.
He openly shares about the things rarely discussed when it comes to cancer, like the emotional feelings and struggles people face as well as how his deep dependency on God made all the difference in his ability to keep going on.

Laced with scripture the author discusses in detail about what he didn’t expect, what it is like to work through recovery, finding hope, dealing with survivor’s syndrome, and how to walk with and come along side others facing cancer as well. It is a must read for anyone experiencing cancer personally or for a loved one looking to help someone who is.

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