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First Times: Book Six

Length: 71 pages1 hour


Four new stories round out this sixth book in my First Times series: Between Friends, Just What I Asked For, He Was Just So Cute, and The Pink Dress.

Our first story is the tale of a young woman who becomes friends with the young, married couple next door. Then it becomes much more than friends. Next, Just What I Asked For tells of how an older sister arranges for some of her college friends
to initiate her younger brother into manhood. Oh, the fun.

The third story begins around the swimming pool of an apartment complex where a young woman in her twenties is captivated by a young lad who obviously takes an interest in her. You'll enjoy watching what happens. Finally, The Pink Dress is one worn by a young man's mother's best friend and he is drawn to her generous cleavage until she asks in one of their emails if he'd like to see more. Guess what he decides? You'll love it.

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