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Real Life in the UK: Reflections of an Immigrant Doctor

Length: 341 pages11 hours


‘So this is what a visa looks like!’
Lara Kumbi, a young medical doctor finally has her dream of travelling to the UK fulfilled. With hopes and expectations of a better life in a country better than her own, she packs up her bags and relocates. On arriving in the UK, Lara quickly discovers that she has a new status. She is an ‘immigrant’. Will life in the UK be all that she has dreamt it would be?
This is not simply one doctor’s story. It is every immigrant’s story. It is the untold reality of life in the UK. With issues ranging from finances to academics and unemployment to racial discrimination, from good days to bad days and back again, follow Lara as she recounts her experiences of the joys and pains of real life in today’s United Kingdom.

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