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Valmont Sharp: Monster Hunter

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Valmont Sharp is the world's biggest celebrity, a showman of extraordinary talent. His shows are always a spectacle to behold and no two are the same. He is America's greatest actor as his shows seem so real. Everyone knows they are fake, after all he is a Monster Hunter by trade and those creatures don't actually exist in our world. That would be crazy...

Or so that what the world was lead to believe.

Valmont Sharp's job has changed, his show which started off as pure fiction is now reality. He actually does hunt monsters and demons and he does his part to keep the real world in the dark. His show keeps humanity from accepting the dark side of their world. Valmont Sharp is the protector of a world that sees him as a simple show man. He is the biggest celebrity of one world and the worst enemy of another.

To the dark side of the world he is hated. Other hunters hate him for making a mockery of their profession. For turning an honorable job into a side show attraction. The creatures of darkness hate him for upsetting the balance, Valmont is just too good at his job.

For that he must die.

Not only that, he must be made an example of. His whole bloodline has to be eliminated.

Chris Sharp never for a second thought his Father's show was real.

Chris knew his father was just a showman, he had been to his fathers earlier shows and he knows how they all work. Yet Chris will be the first to admit that three years ago the production values increased dramatically. They were always good but now they were amazing. Chris could almost swear that the beasts his father hunts are real. it was around that time that his father became detached from reality.

So when Chris becomes the target of his father's enemies he is thrown head first into a world he never knew existed.

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