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First Sign of the Badger

Length: 95 pages1 hour


This is an evolving first effort at an ebook. The initial release of First Sign of the Badger included only ten short stories. This update includes much more, as stories thought to be long lost have been miraculously rediscovered. The original short story of Goddamn Finger Tube is one of those stories. Written, upside down, in 5.5 hours and enigmatically saved in a file marked "Z", it had been missing for 15 years. In that time a soon to be released novel of the same name was written. Also included are the award winning short stories Car Wash Safari, Father's Day to End All Father's Days, and Mirrors Don't Look Alike. Eyebrows and My Future Wife's Monologue, which each got the author laid on several occasions, are also now included. There are poems and other writings from grade school, which are included for the amusement of the author as the boy who wrote them. There are memoirs from early adulthood as the author deals with culture shock and other problems. If more completed short pieces are found from this period, they will likely be included in a future update.

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