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Dreaming Fire

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The intensity of their recurring nightmares has increased, fire filled visions they have had since they were small children. But what has Aidan and her brother Devon running to find the parents they never met is that they are starting to resemble their dream selves, the Aidan and Devon who stand helplessly screaming as a blinding fire consumes them, burning them alive.

With only days left until Aidan’s release from foster care and the beginning of their journey to find answers, the last thing these siblings wanted were complications. After a night out at a Philadelphia club intertwines their worst nightmare and reality, they learn that Aidan’s fast approaching birthday will unravel an eighteen-year-old protection spell and place them directly in the crosshairs of a Greater Demon, the same one that enslaved their parents.

With Hell rising up to claim them as it did their parents, Aidan and Devon learn they may have a few gifts after all. Their legacy, their mothers’ Seer gifts and their fathers’ Dragon heritage, may make the difference between serving in hell and their freedom.

With the help of their friends, Aidan and Devon must harness their newly inherited powers if they plan to stay ahead of the demons and save their parents from the underworld...hopefully before they burn down the city.

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