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Blood Omen Book III: Fulfilment

Length: 323 pages4 hours


Dea is the Last Undrinkable. And now, at last, the Apophi have her.

She believes her Coven dead. She thinks she is alone, the Prophecy sure to be fulfilled with her death.

But then she meets Marcello, the other Undrinkable. His strength gives her hope until a failed escape attempt leaves him all but crippled.

Then it is up to her alone to change her Fate. The only way is through Stuart. But the tables have turned and now she must try to capture his heart- to find a way to make him care enough to get her out before it is too late.

With the night of the Awakening only hours away, Dea feels she is failing...until a frightening revelation reveals to them both that the Fates have one more card to play between them.

Meanwhile, beyond the confines of the Apophi Temple, Santi and her Coven battle to save her.

Time is running out. Apophis is coming.

Let the darkness draw you in...

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