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Humanity's Biggest Secrets

Length: 284 pages4 hours


Humanity’s Biggest Secrets is the world’s first globally distributed book, revealing fascinating information regarding humanity’s futuristic past, hidden mysteries, and triggers linking the secrets to our subconscious mind.

This captivating book includes stunning exposure of:

• Secrets behind man’s origins and our altered solar system;
• A man and a woman co-existing in a single body;
• The race of Atlantis as the builders of the first pyramids, and not the Egyptians;
• Secrets behind Saturn, the Moon and Mars;
• Understanding the truth about our place in the universe;
• A link between ancient history and the subconscious mind;
• The history of our Third-eye;
• Evidence of giants;
• Revelations behind the ancient mythologies and deities;
• Hidden messages in modern day movies;
• Hidden messages contradicting our common beliefs, from celebrities e.g. Michael Jackson;
• Extracts of ancient texts: Sumer, Egypt, China, India and Tibet;
• Supporting evidence from scientists, researchers, physicists and philosophers.

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