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The Miracle Child

Length: 170 pages2 hours


Maggie, Molly, and Tim are back in their most exciting adventure yet in book three of The Legendary Adventures of Maggie Golden series.
One day a Carnival blew into their little town; tents, rides and attractions appearing literally overnight. For our three young heroes that was a major cause for celebration, but they had no idea how much this particular carnival would impact their lives.
And then, at the carnival, they met The Miracle Child—a pretty young girl with large yellow-orange eyes (Tim’s heart skipped a beat or two). She seemed a bit awkward, a bit strange, a bit different. Different? What exactly does that mean? Well, she could do things that you and I could not... very miraculous things.
Curious? Find out more about this very special young girl in this all new out-of-this-world adventure. I bet you’ll be glad you did.

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