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Making Weight

Length: 508 pages7 hours


Did you ever wonder what it's like to be blind? This book is about the life of a 65-year-old blind athlete. There will be happy stories, sad stories, and funny stories and there will be problems and their solutions. In order to get the full meaning of this book, the reader must keep in mind the fact that a problem could never be solved unless it is brought to the surface, exposed, and it wouldn't hurt if there were a solution. The intent of this book is to educate the sighted world regarding situations as they relate not only to blind people, but also to all society.

In many cases, the blind must be overly aggressive and take the risk of being judged as pushy. Even then, they still get very few opportunities. As it stands, 70% of blind adults in this country are unemployed. Hopefully, this book will do something to change that situation.

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