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Love's Maze

Length: 185 pages2 hours


As a preteen, Hailey Maxwell has developed a crush on her best friend Jackson. She’s growing up in a loving home where her parents nurture the belief of unconditional love for their
family and each other. Her desire is to have that same kind of love with Jackson.

One tragic day her dreams are shattered when her father is brutally murdered. Now a single parent family, her life is in a tailspin, gone are the carefree days and socializing with friends.
Sheltered and filled with the responsibility of caring and raising her 3 younger sisters while her mother struggles to find a job and keep the family together, Hailey knows her life will never be the same. For years, she struggles to balance high school, family, a nagging emptiness of no social life and no father to guide her through her adult life.

How will her life turn out? Will she become an excellent student and go off to college or will she fall prey to a slick fasting man and become a teenage mother. Will she marry Jackson, the man of her dreams and live happily ever after or will she enter into a loveless, abusive marriage.

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