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Lesbian Travel 2: Two more sexy stories, ‘Strangers on a Train’ and ‘Girl on a Train’

Length: 41 pages40 minutes


Two very sexy books for the price of one!

Strangers on a Train: When Hiroko met Sally (lesbian seduction)

Customer Review: “I love the descriptions the author used and how believable it is despite being on a train, there is subtlety that builds up the tension and a natural progression of events that occurs. Would definitely recommend.”

Sally, 34, a pretty and fairly conventional office worker, is on her way home when she catches the eye of a stunningly beautiful Japanese girl. The girl smiles and comes to stand behind Sally, offering her mobile phone for inspection. There is a message there, in a delicate, italicized script. Sally reads, “Hi, I’m Hiroko from Japan! Please keep hands on strap!” Sally's heart was racing now... With her arms raised as instructed, Sally is soon breathless and deliciously helpless as she lets this gorgeous, adventurous and assertive girl explore her, starting at the back of her knees, in the middle of a crowded train. Sally bites her lip and tries to keep quiet: for no-one must know the agonizing ecstasy she is beginning to experience...
* Even if you are just a bit curious, this hot and naughty story will excite and delight... Surely, commuting was never this much fun!

Girl on a Train: No. 1 in the ‘Tempted by her Student’ series (lesbian seduction)
“Four stars!”
“Enjoyed the way the story flowed her expressive descriptions and writing voice was excellent and the story was a great little teaser as well. :)”
“This short story was pretty exciting. I truly enjoyed reading this story. Look forward to more reads by Paris Rivera.”
Steamy, sizzling and tantalizing erotica for couples, singles, lesbians, and those who are bi-curious.
A respectable married woman, college professor Bella has a strange encounter with a beautiful girl on the train and falls under her spell. Entranced by the girl’s dark Latin looks and daring, Bella soon discovers that the girl is one of her students. But can she resist her provocative advances?

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